Registered Massage Therapy

A Happier, Healthier You

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How Can Massage Help?

Did you know that low back pain is the leading cause of activity limitation and work absence throughout much of the world? While this is not only a burden for the individual, industries and governments also share in the financial impact that low back pain can cause. (World health organization)

Massage therapy is useful in treating and alleviating pain. Not just your low back, but all over!

It can also help maintain and improve range of motion (ROM).Think of conditions like frozen shoulder or whiplash where ROM is decreased, but even more than that, as we age we tend to move less and therefore become more stiff. This can also leads to a loss in ROM. Try turning your head now. Is it equal on both sides or can one side go further than the other? What about your shoulders? Can you reach behind your back and touch the middle of your spine? If not, you may want to consider adding massage therapy to your wellness plan!

Side Note - Did you also know massage therapy can be delivered with the FEET, for those who like lots of pressure? Scroll down to find out more!



Yes, its covered under your extended health care benefits.

Ashiatsu is a type of barefoot massage where the massage therapist uses their feet to provide deep compression and gliding strokes.  The main benefit is that it allows the therapist to apply a deeper pressure than using their hands.