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My name is Dorothy Gornik

Facial Buccal Massage Specialist & Hadado® Japanese Facelift Massage Specialist

Dorothy has a passion for healthy living, with an emphasis on fueling the body with nutrient dense whole foods. She has been a Registered Holistic Nutritionist since 2009. Following her passions, Dorothy has discovered facial sculpting and buccal massage. As a certified Ju-ene facial massage specialist and buccal therapist, Dorothy has a focus on holistic skincare and natural aging.


Her treatments provide a tailored combination of facial sculpting massage, Buccal massage (inner oral), cupping and qua sha. She offers a therapeutic experience and believes in the power of touch in achieving a natural glow.

Dorothy is also a certified plant-based chef and loves cooking and entertaining. She enjoys yoga, skiing and going for walks.

**Please note treatments with Dorothy are not covered under extended health care benefits, but you may be able to claim it under a health care spending account

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